The following projects illustrate the diversity of Navtel's applications capabilities for theoretical work and implementation in hardware, system level software and integration.

  • DVB-S2 demodulator (ACM : Adaptive Coding Modulation), LDPC and BCH error correctors, transport
         stream processor in FPGA
  • High-speed imaging system (262 Frames/s 100MB/s with wavelet compression) in FPGA
  • High-speed video storage system with its management software
  • Meteorology application: reconfigurable satellite receiver demodulator and forward error corrector,
         decompression and storage
  • Various burst and continuous satellite receivers
  • Night vision system
  • High-speed telemetry systems : IRIG and CCSDS
  • System simulation in software and in hardware

  • Some of the latest projects involve:

  • A Galileo GPS receiver
  • Neural network based analysis for medical and preventive maintenance
  • Real Time Linux for FPGA platforms
  • OFDM receiver with short LDPC FEC
  • RFID

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  • Astronomy

    High-speed image analysis

    High-speed telemetry

    Radar - Sonar

    Satellite terminals

    Base station

    ASIC emulators

    Demonstration platforms

    IP cores signal processing

    IP cores error correctors

    IP cores demodulator

    Reconfigurable hardware

    IP cores imaging

    Error Correctors