Navtel Systems was founded in 1994 to develop reconfigurable systems for complex applications. A multi-disciplinary team provides leading edge scientific and technological solutions supported by an internal on-going Ph.D programme.

The company design and development lab is equipped with the latest CAD tools for design and simulation and electronic instruments to handle up to 3,3 GHz.

The products portfolio covers a wide range of evolutive products, services and system level solutions from the R&D phase to the product level. This includes algorithms, hardware prototypes, software and simulation packages. The manufacture of small and large volume products is handled by ISO qualified manufacturers.

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High-speed image analysis

High-speed telemetry

Radar - Sonar

Satellite terminals

Base station

ASIC emulators

Demonstration platforms

IP cores signal processing

IP cores error correctors

IP cores demodulator

IP cores imaging

Reconfigurable hardware

Error Correctors