Navtel Systems provides IP Cores in many domains : Communication (ex.filtering, synchronization, error correction), cryptography, signal processing, image processing and develops specific IP cores applications on request.

IP Cores are available in C language, VHDL, and netlist for all vendors.

Released :

Future release :

  • Filters :
    • Adaptive, polyphase, match, interpolators and decimators
    • CIC
    • Sharpened CIC
  • Error Correction :
    • LDPC
    • BCH
    • RS
    • Viterbi
    • RM
  • Imaging IP Cores
    • Wavelet
    • Compression and decompression
    • Image analysis
    • Image transform
  • Cryptography
    • AES
  • Telemetry IP Cores
    • Synchronizers
    • Data Decommutation and analysis

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High-speed image analysis

High-speed telemetry

Radar - Sonar

Satellite terminals

Base station

ASIC emulators

Demonstration platforms

IP cores signal processing

IP cores error correctors

IP cores demodulator

IP cores imaging